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Wanna learn to cook but on your schedule?

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What do you want to learn?

Here are just a few of the classes Chef Jill has offered in the past.

Herbs and Spice 101: 

Let's use all those spices and herbs in that designer spice rack you got in your family's White Elephant Exchange!  The Chef caters your class for the herbs you wish you knew how to use and leaves you with plenty of meal ideas for later!

Yeast Breads 101: 

Always wanted to learn how to make crusty, fabulous and healthy breads at home? It's a fun way to spend an afternoon and I'll show you how it's done. For the record, I'm a member of the American Bread Guild so I'm well-credentialed for the job!

Quick Breads 101:  

Is there anything more delicious than warm pastry from the oven? We'll make 3 different quick breads in your home and I'll even show you how to "put them aside" to enjoy for weeks to come!

Soup and Stews 101: 

Soup's always on the menu and having a few soup recipes in your personal cookbook makes a simple gathering into a multi-course experience in a snap.

Asian Inspiration: 

You can cook Asian flavors into your weeknight menus, and it's all a matter of choosing the right sauces, spices and ingredients. It's my favorite style of food and I'm happy to share it with you!

Italian Inspiration: 

Ever made pasta from scratch? How about manicotti? We'll decide on an amazing menu and I'll show you how to create Mediterranean flavor in your home quickly and easily!

Down on the Docks: 

A perennial favorite at The Spice and Tea Exchange, we'll cover some simple yet amazingly flavorful ways to make seafood center-plate any night of the week. You pick the seafood you want to learn about.

Pricing is based on number of attendants and menu items chosen, which Chef Jill works with you to choose. A $50 one-time set up fee applies as does a $35/hour chef instructor charge. Contact us with questions!