Custom Creations Custom Creations Payton Shows It Off Payton, my niece, showing off a cake pop for a custom order. Thanks, baby! 136481566 Lily's Cake Pop Princess Hot pink, for the birthday girl! Customizable for your princess. Call or email for details & pricing. 120814560 Fraim Center Spring Display Brownie-filled mini pots topped with cookie 'dirt' & real chocolate flowers. 123358238 Easter 2011 Baby Boy Bunny Made this year for a special request, baby Russell celebrated Easter with this butter yellow cake bunny, dressed with a blue coconut & milk chocolate tie. 124883070 Custom Rustic Wedding Cake One of many I've made over the years, but it's so perfect for beachy or farm-oriented wedding themes! Call/email for a quote. 202519440 Dessert Buffet 2016 I would be happy to set up a custom dessert buffet for parties of any size. Here's a Christmas-themed buffet with rich whoopee pies, fruit and handmade cakes. 202519442 Sylvia's Graveyard To top off the cupcakes, real wooden fencing & dark chocolate headstones complete the scene. Red roses are placed by the sweet tombs. How's this for a Holloween party? 135387812 Dynamic Duo, half-sheet Characters can be done! Here's a famous Italian duo on a half-sheet, custom-made for a special guy's 8th birthday. 202519444 Monster Pops 2011 Oooh, spooky! Red Velvet Mummy, Double Dutch Fudge Frankenstein & Pure White Jack o'Lanterns 140607197 The Figliola Flyer A special train pulling into the Figliola station! Made for a newly retired Amtrak employee, complete with a 3D locomotive pound cake & 5 wooden boxcars. 142411010 The Emma Express - Boxcar #2 on Figliola Flyer Michael Figliola's granddaughter Emma loved her pink & purple cake pops, riding behind her grandpa's locomotive. 142411011 The Figliola Flyer - Locomotive A 3D locomotive made of buttery pound cake, iced with buttercream & chocolate ganache. Striped pink & blue for the grandkids! 142411012 The Figliola Flyer - Pulling away The boys' cars contained yummy mini cupcakes, which disappeared so quickly, the train was bare. Create custom treats like this one for your own special occasion! 142411013 Alexis' Ariel Cake Pop Display Happy birthday to Alexis, whose 5th birthday will be filled with Little Mermaid fun! 142469756 Alexis' Ariel Cake Pop Display Alexis' masterpiece is a 3-tiered foam structure detailed with tons of swimming fish, mini 'dinglehopper' forks & the mermaid herself. Easy clean-up, no cutting or plates required. 142469757 A Savory Cake?! Yeah, it was a custom order, indeed! Cornbread layer 'cake' iced with home-style mashed potato 'buttercream' and garnished with caramel 'gravy.' You ask for it, you get it! 202825898 Faye's Cupcakes Alongside her awesome cake, she asked for purple and chocolate cupcakes for her guests. Pretty, dainty and deliciously diverse! 204888356