Meet Chef Jill Siena!

Personal Mission of our Chef:

To deliver friendly instruction and conscientious menu options to the budget-sensitive and the time-crunched in and around Delaware.

Vision of Delivery Dinners of Delaware:

To become the region's leader in delivered, fully-cooked and dietary restriction-friendly entree and bakery options.

Delivery Dinners of Delaware prides itself on never cutting corners, shopping local, always cooking our items to order and constantly improving and increasing offerings. Since January 2009, Chef Siena has been cooking for Delawarean families with a keen eye on dietary restrictions and food goals. She advises each client individually, working with existing dietary concerns, teaching and guiding as part of the process.

Chef will teach you to cook for yourself, or will cook and deliver to you;

whatever you need to help you live your best life and deliver on our commitments.

Chef Jill is a licensed and accredited chef of nearly twenty years. A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu's Grand Diplome program, she also received their prestigious Pastry Certification in conjunction with an AAS in Culinary Arts. She minored in nutrition and food safety at The Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago. Her resume includes employment for some of the largest and most prestigious organizations in the US, including Sodexo, Wyndham Hotels, Dover Downs Hotel and Casino and Mohegan Sun. She also helped open and run several restaurants in Wilmington, DE and in her former hometown, Fayetteville, GA. She credits her customer service experience to her time with Starbucks, Safeway, WSFS Bank and most importantly, her self-employed father Bill Denton, owner of Multicraft Services (est. 1989).

What's The Ed Clause?

My husband Ed is a vegetarian and it rubbed me the wrong way to see food establishments and caterers either, 1. offer few (i.e. the same ol' boring pasta) or no options for him, or 2. charging way more for the option of an animal-free protein. I vowed early on that I'd never bait a vegetarian into paying more, whether their lifestyle is choice or because of a dietary need. The Ed Clause is your guarantee that, should you choose animal-free alternatives, Chef Jill will work with you to find the best-tasting substitutes and will never charge more than the original menu price. You have my word.

                   Because no one's choice to go animal-free should cost them an arm and a leg.