Class Offerings - Easy Entertaining for Your Group

Classes are now forming for at-home tutorials on basic culinary subjects. Classes last about 2 hours, with extra time at the end for Q&A.

Basic pricing is a flat set-up fee of $50, $25 per hour of service, plus the cost of food.

See below for current offerings, or suggest a new one to match your interests! 

  1. Here’s to Your Health – An introduction to herb and spice as homeopathic wellness aides in food

  2. Produce Possibilities- Step up your side dish and vegetarian game with new veg-centric ideas

  3. Down on the Docks – Seafood + herb/spice = Endless potential

  4. Baker’s Rack – Moving past just using cinnamon and vanilla for baking

  5. Custards, Creams, and Creativity – Make ordinary dessert amazing with new flavors

  6. Chocolate’s Best Friends – Make chocolate multi-dimensional with herbs and spice

  7. Apps with Attitude – Impress guests and family with appetizers that amaze

  8. Soups, Sauces and Spice – Take ordinary bowl, add comfort, dash in spice and enjoy

  9. Bread Basket – Incorporating herbs and spices into fresh bread; perfect for winter months

  10. Farm-to-Table Feast – Use local ingredients + local store’s herbs and spices

  11. You Don’t Know Joe – My class on pairing coffee with baked goods to bring out coffee nuance

  12. Ladies’ Brunch Musts – Brunch menu stepped up with inclusion of new flavors

  13. Bring the Kids – Adult/child duos, making meals to please parent and kid alike.

  14. Meat Musts – How to use smoke, spice and sweet to turn meat into miracle

  15. Mixed Drink Marvels – Rimming, infusing, shaking, and stirring our way to creative cocktails

  16. Grilling and Chilling – Why cook inside when you can do 4 courses out in the sunshine?

  17. “For Your Derriere” series: (reduces calorie, fat and cholesterol while intensifying flavor)

    1. Asian Flair

    2. African Flair

    3. Italian Flair

    4. Latin Flair

    5. American Flair

    6. Kid-Friendly

    7. Weeknight

  18. “Working with Dietary Needs” series: (working with common allergies/restrictions)

    1. Gluten-Free Glee

    2. Vegan Variety

    3. Curtailing Cholesterol

    4. No Eggs? No Problem

    5. Nut-Free Possibilities

    6. Low Salt, Big Taste