A Little About Delivery Dinners

Back in 2002, Jill graduated with Honors from The Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago with a Le Cordon Bleu Grand Diplome and a pastry certification. Back then, she dreamed of opening an upscale restaurant, bakery or B&B. She thought quality came in small portions with high prices.

After taking jobs in hotels, restaurants and conference centers, she learned the merits of comfort food, especially during her years in Georgia. It's nice to eat out, white tablecloth and tuxedo, but the masses need home-style, comfortable options, so she opened a small personal catering business.

Within a year, the demand for low salt, low cholesterol, low sugar and heart-healthy options overwhelmed the business. It became paramount to address the health of her clients, their nutritional goals, and to work together to build lasting relationships.

Many of her clients expressed interest in learning to cook using healthy tactics and family-friendly options. Opportunities arose to teach in business and home settings, and that transfer of knowledge became her greatest zeal.

Fast forward ten years, and Chef Jill's incorporating the best ingredients that local and family-run suppliers can offer. Thanks to years of constructive relationships with them, she can offer amazing quality meals and pastries at everyday value prices. Quality is still #1, but it's now available for weekday diners, with delivery to home or office included. And if you'd prefer to learn, she's hosting demos, in-home lessons, cook-alongs and dinner parties, too.

"Don't let anyone tell you that a personal chef is out of reach for the modern family. We're standing by to take care of you and your family; body, mind and belly!"

- Chef Jill Siena